Welcome to Legacy Forge!

We Specialize in hand crafted arms and armor from a variety of time periods.

All of our pieces are hand-crafted in the United States by true artisans. We carefully choose the best steel for each piece, depending of intended usage, from a variety of carbon steels.

All pieces are combat ready.
All steel pieces come with a lifetime guarantee, including sparring, fighting, home defense, and stage combat.
Lifetime warranty does not cover intentional breakage, acts of God, or intentional misuse of our products.

Our forge is located in Texas, but since we travel many months of the year, we also work with many other forges across the United States These include Baltimore Knife and Sword, Creations (formally known as starfire), H&B, 2BuckTraders, and many other highly talented artisans.

Due to the nature of our craft, the only items posted for sale are the ones tat are currently in stock at our Texas office.
These items change on availability.
If you are looking for something not listed on our website, please visit us at one of our many shows listed on our show schedule.


Legacy Forge produces blades for collectors, sparring, and staged combat.

We also carry knives and axes for camping,hunting, and general use.
If you, or anyone else, gets hurt, you are misusing our product.

If you choose to have a sharpend blade, you assume all responsibility and liability for its use or misuse.